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Cargo Tiedown Assembly

The Peck & Hale 15MTC/1530 Cargo Tiedown Assembly was designed with versatility in mind.  It's swivel chain bridal features end fittings compatible with Peck & Hale crossbar style Aircraft Securing Sockets as well as the Peck & Hale Deck Tracking system and is available in various lengths and configuration to meet custom applications. The 15MTC/1530 is one of many tiedwon assemblies that feature the Peck & Hale Shock Mitigator.  Shock Mitigated lashes can withstand forces from nearby ordinances while absorbing the impact keeping the cargo both secure and undamaged. Our Shock Mitigated lashes have been used by the US Navy and other armerd forces both in the field and for testing such as the MIL-STD-901D shock test.


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